Ace & Hammer Construction was conceived as an idea to actually make real world positive changes. There are so many flaws in this industry and so many old traditions that cater more to salesmanship than true value. We aspired to seek alternative ways of doing business in a market that's plagued with lies, deceit and poor workmanship. On behalf of the ugly truths you may have already discovered about construction, let Ace & Hammer apologize by showing you how we are truly making a difference and impact in your community. Instead of trying to make the old rules work in this new age, we've scrapped them all together and carved our own rules into the "can't teach an old dog new tricks" space that has suffocated our neighborhoods long enough. Actions were taken, challenges were accepted, then Ace & Hammer was born. We pride ourselves on having solely developed our own unique way of conducting business. If you have a large renovation in mind (i.e $450k+) we have an entirely new approach in the way we transact. Ask us about how we partner with you on your project as your construction manager and offer our full suite of services as opposed to the traditional general contractor arrangement of a "cost + overhead/profit %" deal. This unique approach will save you money, time and build trust and confidence early-on in your project. Our ground-breaking and unique approach ensures only the highest level of professional service and security of your investment. Matched with an equal level of quality craftsmanship and knowledge that only a few REAL builders know and understand how to deliver. Out with the old and in with the new.... we embrace the technological advances that help our teams succeed and deliver award-winning, dramatic results to you.... our partner.


Our mission is to accept whatever challenge you have to throw at us. We don't want to just build and create things....... we want to fill that void in your life. Be the breathe of fresh air that you deserve to have. Take all of the difficult decisions off your shoulders and show you the light at the end of the tunnel. The only critical path that we ever take is the path that leads you to complete happiness.

Ace and Hammer Construction